A selection of products to help you preserve your health and well-being. Our Revital Method is the result of constant research in our Laboratory and the products we offer are innovative, natural and of high quality.

Revital Green

Price €27.27
Freeze-dried purifying herbal tea It promotes hepatobiliary function and the elimination of toxins. Prescribed for the liver and gall bladder.The...

Revital Red

Price €27.27
Balancing freeze-dried herbal tea With anti-inflammatory, refreshing and protective qualities for the cardiovascular and intestinal systems. The...

Revital Yellow

Price €27.27
Freeze-dried digestive herbal tea It supports the digestive system and has properties that promote the elimination of liquids. The preferred flavor...
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Revital White

Price €27.27
Freeze-dried draining herbal tea A herbal tea that promotes bowel function and contains specific draining ingredients.The preferred flavour for the...

Revital Grey

Price €27.27
Freeze-dried diuretic herbal tea Medicinal herbs with re-mineralizing properties that help kidney function. The preferred flavour for the Gray...