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Revital Grey


Freeze-dried diuretic herbal tea

Medicinal herbs with re-mineralizing properties that help kidney function.
The preferred flavour for the Gray Element is slightly salty.

Package 10 pieces (10 x 0,25g)


The Revital Method is based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, an ancient holistic discipline, which at the Palace Merano is combined with the most advanced techniques and dictates of Western medicine.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the energy of all living beings is characterized by essential and constant qualities, which are given the name of "elements". There are 5 energy forms present in nature and they can be identified below:

Just like in nature, humans can reflect characteristics that may be attributable to the GREEN element, rather than RED, YELLOW, WHITE or GRAY; the constitution/character of an individual is influenced by the prevalence of one of the five elements. Their identification plays a fundamental role in the personalization of the Revital treatment and in the relative preferred diet.

The Revital Freeze-Dried Herbal Teas have been created in accordance with the 5 Elements, based on each prevailing Element.

The freeze-drying process allows for the quality and nutritional properties of the product being freeze-dried to remain intact and unaltered; it is the only dehydration method that perfectly preserves the structure of the different molecules that make up the ingredients.

Ingredients: With nettle, Moroccan mint, dandelion, birch leaves and horsetail.

How to use: You can enjoy them at any time of the day, by simply adding 250 ml of hot or cold water and mixing.


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